Story's Real News

Saturday Dec 07th, 2019


Big Thank Nick & Sylvie for hiring us to help you start your new life. They are off to B.C. and we wish them all the best.

Next on my list of Big Thank you's are to the Story Team which once again proved that choosing the right people is not only a challenge but rewarding when everything jells together........Kathy, Jonathan, Pierre and Pia great work! As 2019 draws ever so closer to become history we have seen modest increases in the Market and a favorable mortgage interest rate and once the Big man in the Red Suit makes his appearance we will start to plan for 2020.

2020 is not here yet, but the "EXPERT'S" are already predicting a downturn for 2021! After watching and living the market for over 50 years, I will make a brash predition and say 2020 will show a strong and healthy Spring Market with a 5 - 8% increase by years end. I am not going to make any predictions for 2021, but I am optimisticly thinking that there will be no correction for 2021.........let's see who is most accurate, the "Experts" or ME and my positive thoughts!!




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