Story's Real News

Tuesday Jan 21st, 2020


January 2020....brrr it's Cold and lots of Snow!! Hurray for Gobal Warming or "Whose Zooming Who?"... Enough of that. It 's January in the life of a Realtor and once again we do what we do each and every day of every year, we try to unite people with their hopes of homeownership. Once again we are faced with the conundrum of when the right time is to buy and sell...actually, there Is No Right Time..the time to either buy or sell is when you are ready, so make sure you have good people around you to guide you in your journey ie., a realtor, a good financial agent, and a good lawyer. The real estate agent is the first key to the puzzle, so make sure he or she is someone that you trust and feel comfortable in the knowledge that they have your best interest at heart..and stay warm ...remember we are immersed in A Global Warm Up!

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