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Thursday Feb 06th, 2020


It's been awhile since I last posted, but these blogs are meant to be interesting and not just a platform to say how great we the way thank you to all the clients and friends for the support throughout 2019!!

Airbnb is in the news and especially in Oakville and Toronto where a licensing fee has been implemented to online rental operators to help control short term rental operating illegally, some sites have pulled down their Airbnb rentals, but....still a wait and see what will happen as the months progress. 

Residential Real Estate is moving along even with a noticable lack of new listings coming on the market.

Remember if you are thinking of buying or selling contact one of us at the Story Team to help you on your way.......even if you don't make the right choice and contact a licensed real estate agent......Happy Hunting in 2020!!

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