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Friday Nov 01st, 2019


Digital tools are not always the answer for today's borrowers!! Headlines in Real Estate Magazine......but are it could very well read are 'We Losing the Personal Touch'.

A survey of borrowers earlier in the year revealed that, among borrowers who were offered online applications but opted not to use them, almost half (47%) said they prefer to work directly with a person.

But 37% of lenders in the new Lenders Insights Survey believe one of the main ways that technology improves the mortgage process is to reduce or eliminate the need for face-to-face meetings.

Are they getting the message??  We have Virtual Tours in Real Estate, Virtual assistance in almost all of our Service INDUSTRIES!! We sit at our desk and hope to find the perfect house, car, or mortgage or even soul-mate. I think it's time to dial it back a bit and use real people to help us find the right fit for our needs......maybe just a rant, but we are depending too heavily on computers and tech......what happens when we have a POWER FAILURE for a few hours or even a day, think about it.....we all know the answer, everything shuts down...

Have a great Friday and try choosing a real person to fill your needs, it might just be Perfect Decision....

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